Beyond the Yoga Mat

Life as a senior at the University of Southern California is a balancing act: studies, two internships and a social life. After four years of scholastic “bliss,” I am no newbie when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. In fact, there are even moments when I find myself too overbooked to get to the yoga studio to practice my stress-relieving and often life-saving yoga (which is my worst nightmare!). During those hectic times, I have discovered some simple strategies to help relieve my anxiety. Although my most powerful stress antidote is the physical practice of yoga in a yoga studio, I have found that I can also get relief by harnessing the benefits of various other aspects of the yogic lifestyle and philosophy. Living “yogically” extends far beyond the yoga mat, it can encompass pretty much all facets of daily life via nutrition, breathing, zen-it-out tips, products, mindful living and meditation. As a yogi with a busy lifestyle, I’ve made it my mission to help people like me find quick and simple ways to find some peace and balance through all aspects of yoga.