Cale Rae & Namaste by Caleigh Rae Wells


Namaste-ing Me:

As a busy, always on-the-go, hyperactive senior at the University of Southern California, it is challenging to make time for yoga. Yoga is more than the physical practice, it is a way of life and a mindset. Yogis refer to the practice as one that reaches the mind, body and spirit. Even as a certified yoga instructor with 5 years of practice, I find it unrealistic to maintain healthy habits and a daily practice. This is why I decided to create Cale Rae & Namaste, a blog which breaks down the yoga lifestyle into easily digestible tips and tricks for the everyday student, professional, and/or hectic human. Leveraging my education in journalism and my certification in yoga instruction, and combining those with my passion for and knowledge of the “yogic lifestyle,” I’ve made it my mission to help yogis of all levels, ages and backgrounds to find a little yoga and bring a little zen (and quickly!) into their busy lives.

To learn more about my journalism and digital consulting experience, checkout my website: www.caleighraewells.com

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